Teacher Training Testimonials


“I can’t find words to express my gratitude for all the teachings that I have received by master teachers at yogahome.

You see the problem is what you hear is not the most important thing. “All things seen depend upon the Unseen. All sounds depend upon Silence. All things felt depend upon what is not felt (Adyashanti).”

I was a restless soul with some prior exposure to vipassana meditation, finding myself signed up for 200TT one fall day in 2012. I had no formal training in yoga except for watching Lilias, at PBS while having breakfast. Through this training I started losing the sense of distinction between my mind and my body, my education and my recreation, and my work and my play, which was not easy at first given my background as a physician-scientist.

I was very fortunate to continue this path through a very unique teaching offered during 500hTT. My goal was to practice steadiness –what I wrote in my application- and then I realized that both fluctuations and stillness are the manifest activity of me. Therefore, letting go of all ideas and experiences became my practice -I am what I have been seeking all these years and I can’t be defined by activity and non-activity manifest of my mind. Realizing that the perfume of true life is right in my nose and there is nothing I can do to perceive it and yet I must do something to perceive it (Adyashanti) – so simple and so powerful. The most exciting part of my practice is off the mat and I am forever in debt to all the teachings and the teachers showing the path for seeking the truth.”

-Dr. Marzieh Salehi, M.D.