Events at hOMe

This page is for the wonderful individuals bringing an event or workshop to yogahOMe. The page is here to:
1. Help you get us the information we need
2. Explain our promotions process to you
3. Ensure each event at hOMe is a consistent experience for our yogis

Here is the process:
1. Event leader gets yogahOMe information
2. yogahOMe receives, finalizes details
3. Marketing materials are created (Generally, poster, blog post, event page listing, homepage slide, image for Facebook) and promotion begins

Getting yogahOMe Information About Your Event

We need information about your event! What you include in the form below is what we will publish. Make sure it’s print ready. Please make note that we reserve the right to change the language.

We like to receive details 100 days before the event.

Please fill out the following form with information on your event:


yogahOMe Finalizes Details

Now that we have your information, the next step is for yogahOMe to finalize details. This typically takes 3-5 business days. Someone from hOMe may need to contact you (contact will likely come from

yogahOMe Develops a Marketing Package & We Promote

After all details are finalized, we then create the marketing materials. This takes around 3-5 business days. We’ll talk about each of the components of our promotions so you are aware (and so you can see how your own promotions will fit in best).
First, we develop a poster. If your event is part of the yogahOMe workshop series (Typically, this includes 12 workshops a year and happen once a month. These are typically planned months in advance) then it will follow a specific layout. We sometimes use images the event leaders provide to us but sometimes we don’t.
Second, from that poster, we develop modified versions for use as a slide on the homepage of the website, for use on our Facebook page, in a blog post and in our email newsletter.
Third, the event will be mentioned in our monthly email newsletter that goes out to 7,000+ subscribers. We send a smaller ‘blast’ type email out each month and it will be mentioned then too in its own section.
Fourth, once everything is posted online, we will update our Events page ( A registration link will be included on the website as well and will go up when everything else is posted online.
Fifth, if your event is larger, we may send out a press release. If we do, we will contact you for quotes and approval. We distribute primarily to local sources.

How can you help promote?
Follow yogahOMe on twitter here and be sure to add us to a list. ‘Like’ yogahOMe on Facebook here and please promote us to your followers. A great way to warm up your community to yogahOMe is by sharing content from our blog, Salutations. Salutations has regular monthly columns and gets 32,000+ pageviews each month. Please share our great content! Finally, if you have an email newsletter, please include the yogahOMe event within it.

yogahOMe Booklet
For some events, we like to prepare a booklet of information for use during the workshop. We use this in place of plain old black and white 8.5″ x 11″ pieces of paper. These are usually color and have been well-received by our previous event presenters.
If your workshop includes printed information, we need that information 8 weeks prior to the workshop so we can lay it out.
All of our advertising is handled by an outside creative agency. Please note that the information you provide for these booklets remains copyrighted to you. We publish in the booklets that yogahOMe just has a right to use that info in our branded booklets. We will also email the presenters a final PDF for them to use in the future.

Typically, someone will be at your event for all or part of it. They will be taking photos, tweeting and updating the yogahOMe Facebook account. Please let us know well in advance if you have restrictions on photos.

If you have questions or need to get in touch with marketing, please email us at