New To Yoga

New To Yoga
New Yogi Promotion!

All new clients can now receive an unlimited month of yoga for only $40. (A $100 savings!) To receive this, you must come into one of our three locations and fill out a registration form. This deal is not available for purchase online.

Use this first month to try out classes, teachers, and times that will work best for your yogahOMe routine. To get started, visit any yogahOMe studio today!



  • Make it part of your yoga practice to arrive early. Getting to class about 10 minutes early can help you sign in, settle in and align your attitude with the purpose of the class. While you’re waiting you can practice a pose, do a few stretches or just sit or lie quietly, breathe and get centered. If it will be your first time at hOMe, please arrive 15 minutes early. You’ll need to fill out a short form.
  • Repeatedly arriving late to class can be disruptive to others. We realize that situations do occur, however. If you do arrive late, politely prepare yourself for class at the door (put away your keys, remove your coat, cover-up, shoes) and have your mat ready to unroll quietly as you enter the room.
  • Tell your teacher about any injuries or special health conditions that might affect your practice. If you are injured or tired, skip poses you can’t or shouldn’t do or try a modified version.
  • Remove your shoes before entering the studio… NO SHOES IN THE STUDIO
  • Please turn off cell phones, pagers & anything that makes noise. Even out in the lobby.
  • Please refrain from wearing fragrances as some people are allergic to strong odors and asthma is often triggered by synthetic fragrance.
  • Keep your eyes on your own practice.
  • Be aware of the space around you – avoid bumping into your neighbor – avoid stepping on other people’s mats.
  • It is helpful to come with an empty stomach. Allow 2-3 hours digestion after a large meal
  • If you must leave class early, do it before Savasana (final relaxation pose). Also, please know that Savasana is essential. If you need to leave early, allow yourself a few minutes in corpse pose to reap in the benefits of your shortened practice. This also alerts others around you that you plan to leave class a bit early.
  • Always create an intention. To help you focus, you might find it helpful to dedicate your practice to a certain intention. This might be to become more aware and understanding, more loving and compassionate, or healthier, stronger and more skillful. Or it might be for the benefit of a friend, a cause – or even yourself.
  • Bring a big towel if you are attending a vigorous class or Hot Yoga. Towels are available to borrow complementary.
  • Read class descriptions and take the class that’s appropriate for your level of experience.
  • Pick up and neatly put away any props you use. Be a good yogi and clean your borrowed mat before putting it away. Mat disinfectant is kept at the studio.
  • Speak in hushed tones before and after class. Loud voices can interfere with students who have arrived early for meditation or staying after class for some quieting time. Be respectful of the volume of your conversations.
  • Come in with an open mind and an open heart and take time afterwards to think about what you did in class, so you can retain what you learned. Review the poses you practiced and note any instructions that particularly made sense. Even if you remember just one thing from each class, you’ll soon have a lot of information that can deepen your own personal practice.
  • The most important thing…enjoy yourself and have fun with your yoga practice!


What is ‘asana’? What is ‘vinyasa’?
In yoga, the word ‘asana’ refers to the poses
themselves and ‘vinyasa’ means ‘to move with breath’.  At yogahOMe we practice vinyasa yoga– the linking of each post to your breath.  Matching your body’s movement with your inhalation and exhalation
deepens your practice and gives you greater strength and balance.

Where should I begin?
Be gentle to your body to be strong.   please begin the practice with Gentle, New to Yoga, or Slow Flow classes to gather knowledge of how to link yoga with your body.  We want our yogis to be healthy and safe.

Should I eat and drink before I come?
Avoid practicing on a very full or empty stomach.  Drinking water during class is fine, but drinking water all day is the best rule.  Definitely bring water (and a towel) to hot yoga classes.

How do I keep from being sore?
Yoga is a journey, not a destination.  Listen to your body– back off or come out of a pose if it hurts, and push yourself when you feel ready.  Practice should make you feel good.  Know that yoga is not a
competition– that’s what it’s called a practice.

I didn’t understand all of the poses?  Is that okay?
Sure.  Everyone begins somewhere.  Feel free to ask questions before and after class.  Private instruction is also a great way to gain a foundation for your practice.

What should I wear?  What else do I need?
Comfortable clothes that move with you, but don’t get in the way are best.  We have rental mats, but a personal mat is best.  Props (blocks and straps) are available.

What class is right for me?
The one you can get to.  Seriously.  There are classes for different ability levels, but no class is too difficult because you decide the pace you feel.

What time should I arrive?
If it’s you first time ever, 15-20 minutes early. Otherwise, 10 minutes should be fine.

I’ve never done yoga before, can I come to any class?
As long as it says ‘mixed level’ or ‘beginner’ you should be fine. Mixed level classes can be good for a beginner because you’ll be around more advanced students.

What if I have an illness or an injury? What if I’m pregnant?
Let your instructor know! They can provide modifications for you.

I’m not very flexible, can I still come?
Yes, absolutely. A very common misconception is that if you aren’t flexible, then you can’t do yoga. Not true at all! Yoga will increase your flexibility with each class, no matter how ‘inflexible’ you consider yourself to be.

How long is each class?
Most classes are an hour and 15 minutes long. Some are an hour though–be sure to check the schedule.

Amazing Transformations



yogahOMe is honored to have the ‘first lady’ of yoga teaching @ our studio.  To find out more about Lilias- workshops, books, cds, dvds and events, go to her website,
Rod Stryker- Para Yoga

One of the fastest growing and most respected styles of yoga.  Developed by master teacher, Yogarupa Rod Stryker, ParaYoga links students and teachers of all levels to the power, spirit and tradition of Yoga.  For more information on ParaYoga, click here.