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_MG_5335S. Ashley Hunt -Owner of YogaHome, Director of Teacher Training @ YogaHome E-RYT-500, Urban Zen Integrative Therapist.

Ashley has her Bachelor of Arts in Hinduism and Buddhism from Trinity College, CT. She continued her graduate studies at The Goddard College in the Individualized Masters of Arts program with a concentration in Consciousness Studies and Transpersonal Psychology. In 2010,  Ashley taught her own Yoga Philosophy curriculum to Trinity College undergraduates. Class was formatted to the setting of a liberal arts New England college where the academic study of yogic ideology was coupled with the practice of yogic techniques. Ashley is also an Urban Zen Integrative Therapist and has contributed to UZIT programs over seas. Urban Zen is a movement founded by Donna Karan (headed by Rodney and Colleen Yee) that brings  therapeutic healing modalities into medical spheres. In 2009 Ashley completed a 1,500-hour Yoga Development Course, immersed in the teachings of Swami Sivanada Radha at Yashodhara Ashram. Ashley has also studied yoga therapy at Krishnamacharya Yoga Mandiram while studying with Erica Kaufman, in Chennai, India. Ashley is a Reiki practitioner and continues to deepen her own understanding through her work with essential oils. She deeply respects the authenticity and clarity of her teachers Rodney Yee, Colleen Yee, Roshi Joan Halifax, Richard Freeman and Richard Rosen. She infuses her Urban Zen Integrative Therapy work with their teachings. She is also eternally grateful to her teacher Felix Lopez. Blessings and love to Turner Hunt, Tracy Hunt and Ducky Hunt, Ashley’s family – who will forever be in her heart.

“Bringing about radical change in the human being, brings about radical change in the structure of humanity, and the world.”- J. Krishnamurti


DSC_1500Lilias Folan-FIRST LADY OF YOGA- Master Teacher

Recognized as the “First Lady of Yoga” since her ground breaking 1972 PBS television series, Lilias! Yoga and You, Lilias Folan is regarded as one of America’s most knowledgeable and beloved Master Yoga teachers. Time magazine called Lilias the “Julia Child of Yoga.” Steeped in many different yoga traditions, in recent years Lilias relies strongly on her own personal experience and intuition to influence her teaching.

Lilias was featured in a recent article in Origin Magazine and in an article in the Winter 2012-2013 issue of Yoga International Magazine Lilias was described as one offour fearless women who changed Yoga’s destiny.” She has spent over forty years inspiring students and teachers throughout the USA, Canada and Europe with the benefits of yoga to body, mind and spirit.  Folan’s audience includes housewives, athletes, executives, seniors, Olympians, artists, members of Congress and a former President of the US.  She had a small but memorable part in the Peter Seller’s movie Being There. Lilias recently took part in the prestigious New York Times Speaker Series. Lilias was featured in Fit Yoga Magazine, Yoga + Joyful Living Magazine In 2009, Yoga Journal Magazine in 2010. She continues to teach classes at Yoga hOMe in Cincinnati and at workshops and Yoga Journal conferences. Teacher training is a special passion.

Lilias is the author of three books on Yoga, including the highly acclaimed Lilias! Yoga – Your Guide to Enhancing Body, Mind, and Spirit in Midlife and Beyond.

Lilias Folan is a Yoga Alliance Registered Teacher with ERYT 500 / RYT 500 hours.  She is a long time founding member of International Association of Yoga Therapists (IAYT). Yoga Alliance credits are available for Lilias’ programs.




10259962_10152039208256837_7051814360306654732_nAlex Ryberg RYT500HR YogaHome- SomaVeda Thai Therapist- Owner of Thai Yoga with Alex

Alex Ryberg is an advanced SomaVeda™ Integrative Thai Therapist and 200 Hour Certified Yin & Taoist Yoga Instructor offering services all around the Cincinnati Region.

In addition, Alex is enrolled in SomaVeda™ College of Natural Medicine’s Doctorate of Natural Medicine program, beginning with mastering SomaVeda ™ Integrative Therapies. The founder of the school, Aachan Dr. Anthony James, was the first individual to bring Thai Yoga to the United States and developed the SomaVeda™ system himself. Underneath the master teaching of Dr. James, she has achieved 600 hours in hands on practice with this unique system of Thai Yoga (Thai Massage), Ayurveda, EFT-Bio Tapping, Nutrition, and other forms of natural medicine, including but hardly limited to indigenous and technologically advanced practices.
Alex’s commitment to be of service to the global community is never-ending. Her passion to share the sustaining sources of yoga and natural medicine are what drive her to teach on an interpersonal and professional level. She is also involved in many collaborative projects brining the world together ART, YOGA and PERMACULTURE. She cleans her soul by returning to nature and living lightly.


Diane Faul

Diane Faul   RYT-200

Diane began her studies of yoga in 1972. In her early years she was inspired by, and fortunate to study under, renowned yoga instructors Indra Devi, Lilias Folan, and Amrit Desi. Lilias continues to be a guiding light for her yogic journey. Diane is a CYTA certified yoga instructor receiving her training and 200-hour certification through yogahOMe and certification with the YogaFit organization. Through her yoga practice, Diane became aware of and interested in energy work, which led her to her certification in Healing Touch in 1999. Diane’s passionate teaching style reflects her eclectic background drawn from many teachers throughout her years of practice. She is deeply grateful for their support, guidance and wisdom. Diane believes that practicing yoga practice on a regular basis creates a holistic balance between the physical, mental and spiritual self. In the classroom, Diane brings a gentle approach to teaching. Her classes are heart-centered and she focuses on the success of each individual student. Diane strives to touch the hearts of others in a positive way, and her motto is, “Do everything for the joy of doing it.”



Deana Podvin RYT 500 

“Kindness is a language which blind people see and deaf people hear.”

 Deana appreciates the sense of peace and letting go which she experiences on the mat.  Yoga helps her live a simpler, more mindful life in this crazy mixed up world.  Her desire is for students to step off their mat feeling rejuvenated and connected more deeply with their bodies.  In the physical practice of yoga, Deana teaches the strength and potential of our body.  She encourages students to turn inward and explore a greater sense of calmness by weaving breath awareness with stillness, linking mind, body and breath into harmony.  Deana most enjoys watching her students grow in their own practice and inspiring others to live a more active and healthy lifestyle.  Yoga helps us connect with ourselves, which allows us to connect more deeply with others and the world around us.  Discovering yoga has been a transformational experience for her.  She feels privileged to be a part of other student’s journey and the yoga community.  She would like to give her immense gratitude to all of her teachers as she continues her life long yoga path.

“Water is fluid, soft and yielding.  But water will wear away rock, which is rigid and cannot yield.  As a rule, whatever is fluid, soft and yielding will overcome whatever is rigid and hard.” Lao-Tse

Emily Merk RYT-200 It’s Yoga

Emily’s journey into yoga began with a general curiosity about the practice as she dove deeper into philosophical and eastern religious studies in college. Upon discovery, she found resonance with the practice; she found it to be transformative and healing, a path to pure bliss.  She embraces each opportunity to teach as an opportunity to redefine and rediscover the ancient truths in the practice. She is grateful to share this gift of ancient knowledge; to guide others to experience their own moment of stillness, and to realize their infinite nature. She believes that the science of yoga contributes to the greater good by teaching people to remain pure and realize our connection to nature and all things; this in turn will help us make healthier life choices. Emily is a 200hr RYT trained in Ashtanga/Vinyasa and Hatha styles of yoga from It’s Yoga Cincinnati and holds a BA in Philosophy and Environmental Studies from Northern Kentucky University.


heatherpoastHeather Poast  RYT-500 YogaHome

Heather is an ACE certified Personal Trainer, 500 hour trained Yoga Instructor, Health Coach and Chef. The experience of her father’s death to a rare neurological disease in 1999, during her Freshman year of college, drove Heather to seek a healthier lifestyle. Heather attended Lake Forest College and graduated in 2003 with a double major in Spanish and Environmental Studies. In 2005, Heather enrolled in The Midwest Culinary Institute and graduated with a certification in the Culinary Arts and an Associates degree in Pastry Arts. The study of food continued at the University of Cincinnati in the dietetics program and Heather graduated in 2009. She has since completed a 500-hour yoga certification from YogaHome in Cincinnati, OH. Heather is also a certified Spin Instructor through PowerRyde, an Ironman finisher, marathon and ultramarathon runner, long-distance swimmer, triathlete and enjoys most anything outdoors. “Heather Feather” was Heather’s nickname growing up.


head shot new3Karen Johns   RYT500, eRYT200

Karen is registered with the Yoga Alliance as an RYT500 and eRYT200. She has been practicing since 1998 and teaching alignment-based hatha yoga since 2003.  After practicing Iyengar for two years, she stepped into her first Anusara class where she felt her heart light up. The yoga switch was tripped… and the rest is history… still unfolding.

At the end of every class, she acknowledges her teachers, too numerous to name and more often – simply nameless. Here however, she would like to name a few.

To those I’ve been in the room with on many a class, training or kirtan: Wendy Andersen and the kula that was Shine Yoga Center until 2012, Sianna Sherman, Mitchel Bleier, John Friend, Betsey Downing, Desiree Rumbaugh, Sally Kempton, Darren Rhodes, Wah! Dave Stringer, Girish. To those I’ve never been in the room with: Gurumayi, Swami Satchitananda, Ramana Maharshi, Paramahansa Yogananda. And for the Teachings… the Sutras, the Gita, the interpretors,  interpretations, and their ongoing timeliness.

Karen is also a Oneness Blessing giver, and singer of devotional chants. Her cd Saprema has been downloaded all around the world via iTunes, and is also available through her website www.karenjohnsyoga.com.

Karen Grass – RYT 500hr YogaHome

A student and teacher at heart, Karen’s nurturing and thoughtful manner provides a welcoming environment for all levels of students. She considers yoga a daily inspirational foundation of her life and loves to share the magic of yoga with others.

karen grass2Karen earned her 200 hour training at YogaHome with Katy Knowles and Lilias Folan in 2011, and recently received her 500 RYT certification, also at YogaHome, with Ashley Hunt. She has completed Level 2 Certification through the esteemed “Warriors At Ease” program, qualifying her to teach yoga and meditation specifically to veterans and current military members suffering from PTSD and TBI. She is also an active volunteer and contributor with a local non-profit committed to bringing yoga to underserved communities. Karen believes the magic of yoga is simply in feeling a whole lot better when you walk out of class than when you walked in!


Lauren Lichenstein (Boehm) RYT-200

Lauren, in service, shares the Universal path of yoga in Cincinnati, Ohio.  Through her years of both study and teachings, Lauren leads classes with conscious and mindful creativity to awaken the Higher Self in everyone.  Together, we learn to clear channels through Asana so we can crystallize the cultivation of vitality, beauty, health, wealth, happiness, and healing. All classes are led with a true heart.  All classes are dedicated with love, to all.



mom bio


Tracy Hunt ~ RYT 200 – Alexander Technique  Teacher – Reiki

Tracy received a Masters degree in Applied Behavioral Analysis and was a practicing Marriage and Family therapist for several years, when she began questioning and exploring the middle path. Recognizing the need for integration of the mind, body and spirit, she became a certified Alexander teacher, and practicing crystal therapist. Continuing the mind, body, spirit connection, she became interested in the practice of yoga, essential oils and sound therapy. After obtaining a 200 hour yoga certification through Yogahome, and the teachings of her daughter, Ashley, she is continuing her study and practice of yoga in a 500 hour teacher training. Feeling the calling to teach yoga, Tracy is incorporating the benefits of essential oils, Crystal Tones singing bowls , restorative yoga, counseling, crystal therapy,study of behavior, movement and anatomy, and the Alexander Technique in a unique approach to teaching yoga at Yogahome.




layla bio picLayla Gilman RYT-500, eRYT200, YogaHome

Layla completed her  200HR YogaHome Teacher Training in 2009, and her 500HR YogaHome Teacher Training in May of 2014. Layla has been guiding students in the sacred space of YogaHome since 2009. For nearly a decade prior she practiced yoga throughout Cincinnati before finally finding her community at YogaHome. Layla loves creating community and connecting with people and her gentle flow classes reflect her welcoming, inclusive, laid-back style. Striving for balance in her own life, Layla’s yoga practice brings profound peace and grace to an often hectic and sometimes overwhelming life. For Layla a great class means sharing breath and laughter, a little sweat, and sometimes even a few tears. She is passionate about creating an open, non-threatening environment in her classes and welcomes everyone to come to the mat and explore all yoga has to offer.


Sarah Crabtree RYT-200 Bija Yoga School

Sarah is a joyful Mother to her two sons, a yogini and a runner.  The frenetic pace of motherhood and the desire to find calm amidst the chaos of raising young children are what drew Sarah to yoga in the first place.  It is on her mat, through the moving meditation of asana, that Sarah is able to find the ‘medicine’, the inner peace and calm that she needs to feel recharged and renewed in spirit everyday.  It is this feeling, this ‘medicine for the soul’, that Sarah cannot wait to share with others and what drew her to attend the 2012 Bija Yoga School 200-hour training.




Jeff Emerson – RYT500

Jeff has been doing yoga off and on since 1973 starting with Lilias on channel 48.
He became a certified teacher six years ago. Jeff has taught meditation through the years in such places as Lebanon prison, the Drop in Center, juvenile detention center, and half way houses. Jeff has been a reiki practitioner and teacher of reiki for 10 years. Jeff completed a 300 hour course in elemental yoga therapy and wrote a book on how to use the chakra system to get a better understanding of ourselves and our life’s journey. He is a certified Thai yoga bodyworker, and recently completed the 500 hour teacher training at Yogahome with Ashley Hunt.


mehran attari

  Dr. Mehran Attari

Mehran was introduced to yoga when he was a second year medical student in 1988. He thought yoga for a short time then. He has been studying and practicing yoga and meditation on and off throughout years but has had a steady practice for the last 6 years. He has participated in vipassana courses in addition to other techniques that he has learned from his teacher M. Sasani. Integrative medicine and particularly ayurvedic tradition and yoga therapy are some of his interests that he tries to incorporate in his practice at University of Cincinnati. He is an affiliate faculty of UC Center for integrative Medicine.

The depth and breadth of yoga philosophy and the clarity the meditation brings are what fascinate him.

Most importantly, yoga has brought him in contact with many amazing and extraordinary people, most recently at Yoga


219 2Debbie Kneisel

Debbie has been involved in the health & fitness industry as an AFAA group fitness instructor for over 25 years. Observing alignment and movement while teaching dance, step and strength classes has been second nature for her. The discovery and practice of yoga over the last 3 years deepened her appreciation for the mind-body connection and led her to the Yogahome 200 hr. training she completed in April of 2014. Her classes are vinyasa-based with an emphasis on alignment. Deb is excited to share the transformative powers of yoga and offer encouragement to students to cultivate balance with consistent practice and mindfulness.



annieAnnie Dollins – RYT500

Yoga is a way of being in this world. A world in which presence and awareness can be cultivated and nurtured. I like to think of my yoga classes as one way of developing this special way of being, living as a yogi or yogini in a larger community. An offering of service is expressed in subtle ways during my classes: i.e. placing a blanket over a student during shavasana or safely assisting a student into a pose. I strive to help each student find their desired yogic experience within a yoga community.

My yoga teaching practices are informed by life experiences on and off the mat. These experiences include my yoga practice, and my formal teacher trainings. I am registered with the Yoga Alliance as an RYT500 through Yogahome with Ashley Hunt, and as a 200RYT with Will Brashear. Beyond the yoga certifications, my degrees include a BSN, MPH, MSN and PhD in Nursing.


meganMegan Lobsinger

Megan took a yoga class in 2001 as a college student, and it was there that she first understood how profoundly meaningful it is to breathe. She has been an avid practitioner since. She has taught yoga in Athens, Ohio, and Asheville, North Carolina, where she received her teacher training in Ashtanga vinyasa practice and the Classics of Yoga. She is currently in Cincinnati working toward her master’s degree in Clinical Mental Health Counseling. She has a deep curiosity and love of learning, and she marvels every day at the grace and beauty she sees in people.


laura strachanLaura Strachan

Laura completed the 500 hr. yoga teacher training program at Yogahome in 2014 and has received training in the iRest Yoga Nidra methodology. More info about Laura to come…





nicole rogowskiNicole Rogowski

Nicole’s classes offer a welcoming space for personal growth and self‐discovery. She encourages her students to translate their yoga practice into a life practice. Nicole’s classes are physically invigorating. Students learn to re-connect and deepen the relationship they have with their body. Focus is on strengthening the places in the body that are naturally undeveloped. The pace is steady so students have time to observe and feel what’s going on in their body in each and every pose. The mindful pacing expands body awareness to enhance over all strength, stability and mobility. Nicole guides the students through a physically invigorating practice that supports a full and healthy life off the mat. Whether that be running a 5k, golfing 18 holes, or dancing ‘til you dance no more, you can do so free of pain and less prone to injury. Nicole is an RYT 200 registered Yoga Alliance Instructor. She has trained extensively under Steve Emmerman and Talya Ring, two of the Midwest’s most senior instructors and co‐founders of Turbodog Yoga, a Chicago‐originated practice that cultivates lasting change in a short period of time.




clare karp

Clare Hubbard Karp

As a child growing up in Phoenix,AZ, most of my memories are of times spent in the pool or running around all day with my brothers, sisters, and cousins. I was never bored. The 4th of 8 kids, we never stopped moving and we were all competitive. I’ve always loved being physically active. It’s the slowing down thats hard for me. Once a week yoga practice became part of my routine in my early 20′s, which gradually increased and became part of my everyday life. It made me feel physically strong and balanced while mentally and emotional it began to shift me – creating balance both on and off the mat.
It has changed my way of living. I completed a 200hr teacher training through YogahOMe here in Cincinnati under S. Ashley Hunt and her master Teachers. I also studied in St.Petersburg, Florida with Tim Ganley and Sylvia Binga @Yoga Energy receiving my certification as a Standup Paddle Board Yoga and Yoga therapy teacher.
Clare has additional certifications in Group Fitness, Spinning, Pilates, Lifeguard / CPR, and Personal Training.




anne minterAnne Minter

Anne has had a daily kundalini practice for 13 years. While passionate about all yogic paths and lineages, she is especially devoted to Kundalini yoga (as taught by Yogi Bhajan). She is always working to merge the teachings of the Eastern and Western sciences into one unified paradigm of holistic human growth- and to bring practical applications of these teachings into the mainstream institutions of our nation/culture (academia and medicine especially). She believes that these yogic teachings are one of the fastest ways to heal oneself, to heal the world.

Anne received her certification in Kundalini Yoga (RYT-200, KYT-200) from Yoga West in Los Angeles, CA. She is continuing Kundalini yoga therapy training through Guru Ram Das Center for Medicine and Humanology in New Espanola, NM. She also plans to attain a 4-year yoga therapy certification through Loyola Marymount University in Los Angeles.


mary turner2Mary Turner – RYT200 

Mary’s 200 hr. certification is through Simply Power Yoga. She went to her first yoga class at YogaHome in 2007 seeking relief from pain and insomnia, but found so much more. Through yoga she has discovered how truly connected we are. how deeply rooted physical pain can be to mental and emotional stress and what it looks like to carry that stress in our bodies. Through the practice of asana, pranayama, and meditation, she has found peace in both my mind and body. She feels everyone can conquer life’s obstacles with grace and kindness by connecting with oneself and one’s community through the benefits of yoga.