YogaHome has two locations and a skilled group of educated teachers.

7253 Wooster Pike
Cincinnati, Ohio 45227
Phone: 513.871.YOGA (9642)
Email: mariemont@yogahome.net

3215 Brotherton Rd.
Cincinnati, Ohio 45209
Phone: 513.871.YOGA (9642)
Email: oakley@yogahome.net

Cincinnati's Home of Yoga Therapy, the art of taking yoga off the mat and into your life. 

YogaHome is committed to uplifting the integrity and wisdom of the profound yogic method.  YogaHome was founded in 2003.

We are well known for our intensive, well-rounded teacher training programs, master workshops, yoga immersions and yoga study courses.





Mission: YogaHome is a social enterprise and a school of yogic methodology. YogaHome offers its teachers and students studies in contemplative practice and attention training. A practitioner that whole-heartedly engages in the science of yoga offered by hOMe has the potential to transform into a responsible steward of his or her own happiness and well-being. YogaHome guides the student towards intimacy with the self, who in turn serves the universe in its journey to conscious evolution, one choice at a time.

YogaHome is a gem of a yoga Shala here in Cincinnati, OH. It's urban non-profit Oakley location is tucked away in what appears to be an unassuming warehouse, when you open the doors a warm, unique , community oriented yoga shala awaits. We are proud to acknowledge Oakley YogaHome the first ALL DONATION BASED YOGA studio here in Cincinnati. Mariemont, a suburban studio, feels inviting like a old country home with a a lot of character. It's gorgeous gold studio walls, and endless supply of yoga props and restorative classes provide students a place to retreat into the calm and peace of the practice. 

The owner of YogaHome is a Cincinnati native, and is huge supporter of locally owned and operated business that enhances the diverse and thriving economy and community of her hometown. 

S. Ashley Hunt
Owner of YogahOMe- Director of Teacher Training
E-RYT 500
Urban Zen Integrative Therapist

Ashley has her Bachelors of Arts in Hinduism and Buddhism from Trinity College, CT. She continues her graduate studies at The Goddard College in the Individualized Masters of Arts program with a concentration in Consciousness Studies and Transpersonal Psychology. In 2010  Ashley taught her own Yoga Philosophy curriculum to Trinity College undergraduates. A class formatted to the setting of a liberal arts New England college where the academic study of yogic ideology is coupled with the practice of yogic techniques. Ashley is also an Urban Zen Integrative Therapist and has contributed to UZIT programs over seas. Urban Zen is a movement founded by Donna Karen headed by Rodney and Colleen Yee that brings  therapeutic healing modalities into medical spheres. In 2009 Ashley completed a 1,500 hour Yoga Development Course, immersed in the teachings of Swami Sivanada Radha at Yashodhara Ashram. Ashley has also studied yoga therapy at Krishnamacharya Yoga Mandiram while studying with Erica Kaufman, in Chennai, India. Ashley is a Reiki practitioner and continues to deepen her own understanding through her work with essential oils. She deeply respects the authenticity and clarity of Rodney Yee, Colleen Yee, Roshi Joan Halifax, Richard Freeman and Richard Rosen’s teachings through her work with Urban Zen Integrative Therapy, and is eternally grateful to her teacher Felix Lopez. Blessings and love to Turner Hunt, Tracy Hunt and Ducky Hunt, Ashley’s family will forever be in her heart.

"Bringing about radical change in the human being, brings about radical change in the structure of humanity, and the world."  - J. Krishnamurti